Journal for the creation of the Prodigialis Robot – Day 11

Status update, again. Good news this time though!

I’ve been working on the robot, trying to get the triple-supersonic setup working, and, as you may know, it wasn’t. However, I have managed to get it set up and scanning correctly, connected through the extension cable! Hooray!

I copied and pasted code that had worked before and used that, and lo and behold, it worked! I am back on track with this project, and I’m glad I fixed that, as it was really beginning to get annoying, being unable to develop new features that I want to implement (more on that later.)

While it is working correctly, I don’t believe it is working entirely correctly. I believe nothing that will affect the project in general, just a minor quip that the sensor seems to be whirring a little whilst scanning. I can continue to keep working on the project with this, though I hope I can resolve it before the science fair, as it doesn’t sound very nice.

As for the new features I want to implement (as I mentioned above), there are 3/4 things I think would be cool, but I don’t think, sadly, that I will be able to implement them all because of cost and time constraints.

I think having color recognition would make the maze solving a bit more technical, as the robot could look at a color and remember which way it turned there and go the other way to solve the maze.Having a Gyroscope would allow me to make sure that the robot is driving entirely straight, and if I added some IR sensors I could follow a line. All very cool, though I don’t know how many will end up getting added.

That’s all for this entry. Again, it’s nothing much, but it is a status update, which I believe I need to write whenever much happens regarding this project.


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