Hello World!

Tech @ RRR Kickoff Post!

Hello World!
The typical first programming any person does, web or application, is that. It is different in almost every language, but it has the same outcome every time (aside from errors).

<! doctype html>
Hello, world!

That’s HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), what makes up the world’s web pages

print ('Hello World!')
Python 3.2

print 'Hello World!'
Python 2.7.3

#include <stdio.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
printf("Hello, world!\n");

return 0;
– That’s the C language

Those are just a few of the types (look here for a rather large list of them, I will post a full list in the Tech part of the blog) of Hello World! programming.

In the tech part of this blog I will be posting all sorts of random, fun, techy stuff. Code Snippet of the Week(A full list will be kept in the Tech page), Window/Ubuntu Linux tweaks, Graphics, and other computer stuff. This Tech section will be for stuff within the computer, programming, graphics, and the like.

As for the Rockets, Radar, and Robotics (will be referred to as RRR) page:
That is the page for RRR updates, fixes, and just random information on physical technology (Satellites, Rockets, Radar, Robots, Cars, etc.) Some computer posts will be placed here, but only about physical computer stuff (hardware, new types, etc.)

I will post all of the posts in the general section of the blog, but if you want to just look at the awesomely techy stuff I have (with my usual awesomely amazing self) found out or you are looking for updates to the RRR book, I will divide the posts down into sub-pages underneath their logical page (RRR & Tech) This post will be placed under About, in case anyone might want to access it later (???)

Anyways. Down to business, (wait…aren’t we already???) Here’s a quick rundown of the other, smaller features. (Not in order at all)

  • Code Snippet of the Week:
    A Sidebar that will have a new fun coding snippet in any number of languages ranging from A++ (Hey! That code must’ve had great grades in school) to ZOPL (Apparently, by the name, somebody had created a programming language, but couldn’t think of what to name it…so they randomly jammed on the keyboard :mrgreen:. Speaking of jamming on the keyboard, try going to hackertyper.com. You can jam on the keyboard and, with a LOT of time – say about the rest of your life – you can type out the Linux kernel)
    Do I know most of these languages? Noooo….But I’ll still have fun posting utterly random stuff from them anyways!

    I will be posting a lot of HTML, XHTML, CSS, Just BASIC (free language derived from the original BASIC programming language), and Python snippets; as these are the languages I know the best.

  • Our Preferred Operating System:
    Well, duh…what do think it is? A link to nuke Microsoft Windows forever? (Not that I wouldn’t mind that) Nope, sorry Windows haters, it’s a link to the Ubuntu Linux website.
    Best. Operating System. Ever. It is based off of the Unix kernel (a OS in which the main goal was security.) Because of this it is about 10 to about the Bazillionth power more secure that Windows (and yes Mac lovers, it is also more secure then your 5mm thick, 3 terabyte iMac – though not nearly as bad as Windows. Look here)
    This site gives you plenty of information and an easy download for the OS.
  • Search:
    Simply allows you to search posts on the blog. (Sorry, it won’t give the answer to everything and anything yet…we’re working on that.)
  • Archives:
    A thing-a-ma-jig that allows you to go back in time to give you easy access to old posts that are no longer on the main page.

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