My Weekly Goals

Hey, it’s me again. Yup, that guy who wrote some stuff. No big deal.

This is something that a blogger that I like, currentlykelli, does and I figured it might not hurt to give it a go.

Basically, you set 3-5 goals per week each Sunday/Monday to focus on, then you grade yourself as honestly as possible on how you think you did with the previous week’s goals. Obviously, this is my first week trying this, so I can’t grade myself on last week, but here are my goals for this week!

  • Minimize wasted time on internet (Youtube, social media checking prior to school being done, etc.)
  • Exercise each day (Body-weight/Darebee, Ultimate practice)
  • Practice juggling and/or guitar every day
  • Get off the computer by 9PM and get to sleep by 10 without using a screen
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One thought on “My Weekly Goals

  1. […] two weeks ago, I posted My Weekly Goals where I posted four different things I was going to try to do over the coming week. Obviously, […]

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