The Racist, Sexist, Misogynistic, Islamophobic America

For all the liberal talk of Trump winning because America is a bunch of racist, sexist, misogynistic people, I don’t think that’s why he won. He won because people are tired of the corrupt, spineless government we have on both sides and they didn’t want another corrupt, self-serving “leader”.

Hillary and her family and platform have proven time and again they cannot be trusted and have little to no regard for law. From her attempts at covering up her husbands scandals, to the lack of regard for American lives in Benghazi, to her lack of regard for the law in what many would see as an obviously massive security issue in running her own private server while handling top secret governmental information. And let’s not forget the fact that Hillary was basically handed the nomination by the DNC, who had decided prior to the primary they were going to push for her, instead of Bernie.

As for the Republican party, they also have proven time and again that just because someone claims they’re “conservative” doesn’t mean they are going to actually step up and act in accordance with the beliefs of the people who elected them, even when it’s hard. Many of the career Republican career politicians are no better than democrats when it comes to taking a stand on issues like Obamacare, the 2nd amendment, and other major discussion points of late.

This election had a very high voter turnout, and a large chunk of that was the rural population, the working class that the liberals claim they are for. Hillary overlooked them, as usual. Recently, these people felt on the outside of politics and haven’t really liked any of the candidates, career politicians and the like, so they didn’t vote. Trump took on the establishment of two parties and won, while maintaining his position of not taking anything from anyone, someone who the people believe can be the catalyst to make real change happen.

Take West Virginia for example. Almost their entire economy is based around coal, something that the democrats have been pushing to elminate far to fast. I’m not against green energy and climate change, as a Christian I’m called to take care of the earth. However, I don’t think it should come at the expense of jobs and livelihoods. With four more years of liberal leadership, I think those people would have lost their jobs and more very quickly.

Michigan. Where I’m from. We haven’t gone red for a VERY long time. I think the change happened because the auto workers left. Michigan used to be the auto capital of the world, and now Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint – all these places are falling into disrepair because the jobs left. Higher taxes and environmental requirements (both of which are key points that liberals push for) killed many of those jobs, by the very people who were supposed to be helping. Of course there were other factors at play, but it remains the fact that the democrat-led bailouts did not accomplish all they were supposed to.

All in all, I don’t like where this nation is at. We’ve become heavily split over party lines on everything from whether or not coal should be allowed to whether a guy has the right to use a girl’s locker room. Throw in race issues, the massive looming debt we’ve acquired, and the many enemies we face abroad and at home and you’ve got a royal tempest of grandiose proportions. I’m not going to get into these issues, but it remains the fact that we’re a heavily divided nation that needs a lot of work from both sides to solve our problems. And big government, taxing the rich, and climate change won’t fix that.

To all of the homosexuals, women, and minorities out there – I’d like to apologize for what has been said. Much of it was not good and not right. I’m not condoning what he has said, and I sincerely pray he will not act out against you in the ways he has spoken. God loves you, and although I may not always agree with everything you stand for, I still believe your lives have worth, no matter what some big heads have said.

That said, I don’t think that America is the racist, sexist, islamophobic country that the liberals have painted conservatives as, and I think we have escaped a far worse fate in electing Hillary. We are still one of the best nations in the world when it comes to freedom and equality, and I hope we can come together to heal the many problems we face in unison.


This blog isn’t turning into a political source, this is just me getting my thoughts off my chest in the aftermath of this crazy election cycle and after reading the many posts and tweets and retweets and statuses of people both for and against Trump.


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