CamJam EduKit – beginning electronics for under $10

camjam edukit

CamJam EduKit – Introduction materials for electronics hacking

Say hello to the CamJam EduKit, a new product from The PiHut. Basically put, it’s a can that includes some of the basic parts that every aspiring/beginning hacker/maker needs to get started on breadboarding. From The PiHut’s site:

The CamJam EduKit features the following components all neatly packaged in a tin:
•A 400pt breadboard
•3 LEDs (Red, Yellow and Green)
•A button
•A buzzer
•Resistors and jumper cables
For under $10 ($8.58 to be exact), you get all that? That’s a pretty good deal, I have to say.
The idea was actually thought up by Michael Horn of the Raspberry Jams (which the USA, by the way, needs a couple of) and about the same time Jamie Mann of The PiHut had the same idea. So, they ended up collaborating, Jamie Mann procuring the parts and assembling the kits, Michael Horn writing the worksheets and testing them.
The worksheets I’m talking about are simple projects that you can do with the JamCam’s contents, a good starting point for parents and teachers wanting to get their children/students involved in electronics, with minimal effort.
I linked above to the CamJam, but in case you missed it, here’s another link to the CamJam EduKit on PiHut. Even if you haven’t purchased the EduKit you can still access the worksheets for free, and they don’t explicitly require the EduKit to work, just the components.

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