First Working Project Ara Prototype Introduced

Project Ara isn’t one of the most well known projects out there – though I think it is definitely an awesome one.

Basically put, Project Ara allows you to build your own phone – choosing everything from the CPU and screen to the battery and speakers. Want a better, larger battery? Just change out the module for a replacement one. Accidentally dropped your phone and cracked the screen? Just buy a new screen module, slide out the old one, and slide in the new one.

It’s a great idea, and recently the first working prototype was revealed. The original prototype, while it technically worked, it froze within seconds of booting and was far less nice looking than the Spiral One, the current prototype.

If you watch the video above, you can get a pretty good gist for what the project is – modular phones that you can customize far more easily and less expensively than the options today.

While there are only a few seconds in the video that actually show the phone working, it is definitely a step up from what was shown at I/O (Google’s tech conference) in June of 2014.

The Spiral 2, a more advanced version of Spiral 1 that makes use of specific, custom-made chips from Toshiba, should be released at the Project Ara developer  conference in January of 2015. They also are planning on releasing their Module Developer’s Kit, which will allow developers to create modules for the Ara phone.

Make sure to leave a comment down below with your thoughts on Project Ara!


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