Pi-Top: The DIY, 3D-printed, Raspberry Pi-powered laptop

If you’ve been following the Raspi.Today blog at all you may already know about the Pi-Top. As the title suggests, it’s a Raspberry Pi-powered laptop, that you print and put together yourself.

Various such projects have happened in the past, ranging from Ben Heck’s Raspberry Pi point-and-shoot camera, to a Raspberry Pi-powered tablet by hacker Michael Castor (which, awesomely enough, I got to see in real life at Maker Faire Detroit, which I attended in July)

However, those were far more individual projects, something someone did on their own, for themselves. And this is where Pi-Top differs from the crowd.


Pi-Top is different from so many other cool Raspberry Pi-powered projects in that it is something that will hopefully eventually be sold as a kit for people to do for themselves.

“The Pi-Top Kit provides a basis to expand your knowledge in hardware and software innovation. Build and understand your own Raspberry Pi Model B+ powered laptop. We take you through each component and its functionality, so that you can use the Pi-Top as a tool for your own build projects in the future.”.

From the Pi-Top website, pi-top.com.
pi-top team

The Pi-Top Team – Image from Raspi.Today

The process is supposed to a learning experience, all while you are putting together a working, usable every day, project.

“Further your knowledge with our free beginner to advanced Hardware & Software Innovation lesson plans, where we break down complex elements so you can start 3D printing, designing your own PCBs and creating products from start to finish.”

From the Pi-Top website, pi-top.com.

The project boasts some impressive specs, purportedly having a fully integrated laptop keyboard and trackpad as well as extra ports beyond the B+ Pi’s 4 USB, HDMI, audio, a 13.3″ HD screen, and 6-8 hour battery life with WiFi.

The team plans to launch their Indiegogo campaign on the 14th of October, just a week away. I’ll be sure to keep providing updates on this project and maybe even get one of my own (hopefully.)


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