Mr. T – Character Sketch Scan

Mr. T - Character Sketch Scan

I haven’t been posting a lot lately and that’s mainly because of school. However, there is one other project I have been working on, and that is … the web comic! I talked about this back in December in my blog update post, Finally! A New Post!

I also might post the occasional web-comic when I get ideas. I have yet to decide on a name, but I do have about 3 strips ready to go, so expect something soon!

That was a bit of an exaggeration. I really only have three drawings, the rest are ideas.

However, I thought I should show some of the work I have been doing on the strip, and you can see a rough pencil character sketch of Mr. T above. Sorry about the terrible background quality, I didn’t try to edit out the background paper noise (would have taken far too much time that I don’t have for the project), though I did try to touch up some of the smudging.

I would post the rough story-board sketch, but that might ruin the post of the final product. Right now I’m working on coloring the character sketch digitally using GIMP, a new technique for me and one I’m not sure I like, but I’ll finish up the colored character sketch and attempt the full comic.

Tell me what you think of the comic in the comments, hopefully I will have the colored version out within the week, if not the full comic!

BTW, I’ve hidden an easter-egg somewhere throughout this post that tells the title I picked for the comic. Try and find it and comment it down below if you think you’ve found it – but don’t tell where!


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