So, two weeks ago, I posted My Weekly Goals where I posted four different things I was going to try to do over the coming week. Obviously, that morphed into two weeks, but whatever.

Here’s my report card from weeks 1 and 2. Spoiler alert, it’s not good.

  •  Minimize wasted time on internet (Youtube, social media checking prior to school being done, etc.)
    • B
    • I would give myself a solid B on this. I had a few days where I slipped up and watched a bunch of rando Youtube videos and got little done with my screen time. But, for the most part, I didn’t spend tons of time reloading Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Exercise each day (Body-weight/Darebee, Ultimate practice)
    • D
    • This … didn’t happen. I exercised Tuesday of two weeks ago, and I think maybe Wednesday or Friday too (had practice on Thursday). And this past week I didn’t, other than Thursday. So, giving myself a D on that one for not a total failure … but mostly.
  • Practice juggling and/or guitar every day
    • F
    • Again, this didn’t happen. I practiced juggling 2-3 times two weeks ago, and maybe once this last week.
  • Get off the computer by 9PM and get to sleep by 10 without using a screen
    • F
    • Out of the fourteen days between this post and last I had maybe 5-6 where I was solidly off of screens by 9PM.

After putting those grades through a calculator, looks like I’m stuck with a D overall. Hopefully I do better this week.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Practice Guitar or Juggling each day – again
  • Exercise each day (the Ultimate season is over, sadpanda, so I need this even more)
  • Don’t spend more than 3 hours on the computer outside of school when family is around
  • Don’t spend more than 30 minutes at a time on the computer without stepping away, stretching, etc.

Let’s do this!

Weekly Goals – Someone is Flunking


One thought on “Weekly Goals – Someone is Flunking

  1. carolinajoe says:

    Hello from the Internet ,

    I have similar goals in mind, but they’re not even written down, so I’ve been flunking along with you recently. Since I started making a conscious effort, actually, I’ve been Facebook binging more than I have in my life. I want to blame the election, so we’ll see what changes in a couple weeks.

    In the meantime, good job getting started. I’m here right next to you, and I know we’ll do better this week.

    – fellow self-improvement junkie


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