Finally! A New Post!

I’ve been really busy with school and general life lately, but I’m going to try from now on to have a new post at least every two weeks, hopefully more often!

So…catch up time! I’ve lately been working on creating a Python code snippet recorder using SQLite and XML and I’ve had lots of fun with that, aside from the billions of headaches that debugging has caused me. I’ll post it to the blog as soon as its complete. I’m currently working on implementing the ability to add a record to the database. Next up beyond that is adding a curses window to make it look nice.

Got an old Mac for Christmas! Kind of a joke really, but it allows me to test out software on a Mac, even if it is an old iBook G4. So you might see an occasional Mac/OS X post on here, though mainly it will be Linux, as I much prefer Ubuntu to any other OS’ I have used. I’ve been setting that up over the time since I got it, setting up my software, wiping files (no clue why they were left on there…), and general setup stuff. In all actuality, the person who gave me the Mac actually forgot to take the password off their account, effectively locking me out of my gift! However, with my mad-hacking-genius skills (and a little help from Life-Hacker and the Mac forums), I broke into the computer and set up a new account for myself! (And immediately after, encrypted my HDD so it couldn’t happen to me!) I learned the way from a Life-Hacker evil-week post, here. Remember, this is only for breaking into your own system if you lock yourself out, I do NOT condone or support in any way the unlawful breaking-and-entering of anyone else’s system.

I also might post the occasional web-comic when I get ideas. I have yet to decide on a name, but I do have about 3 strips ready to go, so expect something soon!

I have recently acquired an Arduino, or rather a Funduino (which is really the same board, just a different brand, as Arduino’s design is open-source) and I am planning on using that for projects, namely robotics. Thus, you can expect updates regarding that in the near future.

The Raspberry Pi camera is something I plan to being to begin experimenting with soon, possibly in coordination with the Arduino project, we’ll see.

So, yeah. That looks like about all I have for this post. Until I get something on, hang ten guys and I’ll be back with something interesting eventually!


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