My First Blender Render

I have always liked graphics, and recently I’ve gotten back into 3D graphics. I had dabbled a bit with it in the past, but my system really didn’t have the power to render at a reasonable speed, so I dropped it.

However, I have since upgraded my RAM and I was messing with Blender again and followed a few tutorials on how to make a Minecraft character.

Mr. T - Basic Design

Mr. T – Basic Design – First Render

It’s nothing spectacular and definitely not the finished product (I’m still working on that,) but I thought I’d post it just because. The name Mr. T has nothing to do with the A-Team member Mr. T., as you probably can tell from the image. You may recognize the name from my character sketch I released a month ago.

I had chosen the name out because it sounded fun, and then remembered that there had been an actor with the same name. That’s one of the things I am working on, is coming up with a new name for the character.

I won’t be releasing animations any time soon, as my system still isn’t good enough for that (not enough CPU speed or HDD space being the key issues.)


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