Update regarding Prodigialis Robot project and this here blog in general

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. I mean, I haven’t had any content up for almost a full month, and even for me, that’s pretty bad. So, if anyone’s actually reading this blog, sorry. Now, just because I haven’t been posting anything doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing anything. No, I have been quite busy lately.

First off, I got a new Raspberry Pi. My old one was fried, sadly enough, but I nabbed one off of Amazon and now have one again. If I can ever get the basic maze solving on my robot working maybe we can have some integration with the Pi. I did get the Raspberry Pi Camera module for Christmas, but didn’t get a chance to use it prior to the Magic Grey Ghost leaving my Pi. However, once I got my new Pi I tried it out and from the short very non-exhaustive testing I did, I was well-pleased. The number of options available is very impressive and I definitely plan on using the Camera Board in future projects as well as doing more Raspberry Pi related projects, if I have the time around the robot.

As for the robot, I have made a fair bit of progress since that last post in March. I mentioned that I had a small whirring noise that was bothering me, that’s been resolved. It’s all but inaudible now and I now know that getting it to be quiet is quite a feat seeing as the sensor is sending out sound pings.

I also have got the side sensors working, at least the code and wiring. Because of the fact that Supersonic sensors tend to shotgun spray the sound everywhere in a very large cone, the sensors on the side of the robot are catching the wheel and returning early. Obviously, this is an issue, as the side sensors are essentially useless. I’ve attempted raising the sensors up a bit, and I’ll continue trying that.

I’ve also created a Lego case for the robot, which makes the positioning of components quite a bit simpler. All I have to do is tack on or remove some Lego© bricks and I’ve got a base that fits what I need. I’ve tweaked it here and there, and what with the issue with the side sensors, I think it will be tweaked again before this project is done. Sadly enough my regular system is down right now and I’m on my ancient 9-year-old iBook© G4 which can’t read SD cards. Thus, I can’t get you guys a picture of the Lego© base with this post. I’ll will try to get that up so you can see what it looks like.

And that is where the project and my blog stand as of right now! I hope to fix the sensor without having to purchase new parts, as that will save me money and time, time being the key factor right now with the science fair rapidly approaching.

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