Happy Pi Day 2014!

Pi Day 2013

Today is Pi Day, which happens every year on this date. The reason? Just take a look at the date: 3/14.

See anything? Yup, 3.14 is the simple version of Pi!

Seeing as I love the Raspberry Pi I figured I ought to do a quick write-up, nothing fancy, just wanted to spread the word to the world that reads my blog.

There is actually a full-on website, PiDay.org where you can learn random facts about Pi, like the fact that it has been calculated to over 10 trillion digits without repetition. You can also read 1 million digits of Pi here, if you are that into Pi. Also, in a way, this is Pi Month as well! Again, 3/14! How about that!

Actually, Pi Day 2015 is going to be the most perfect Pi for basically eternity. Pi Day 2015 at 9:26.54 (AM/PM doesn’t matter) is the first 10 digits of Pi: 3.141592654, which is pretty cool. I’ll have to come up with some celebratory post or graphics for that.

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