Ubuntu 14.04 Upgrade Changes – Removed offline upgrades?

14.04 Trusty Tahr - Image from OMG! Ubuntu!

14.04 Trusty Tahr – Image from OMG! Ubuntu!

I run Ubuntu as my main Operating System on all my devices (except for the Raspberry Pi, as there is no non-EOL ARMv6 version of Ubuntu) and so I have been really hyped for the release of 14.04, the newest iteration in the Ubuntu life-cycle. It was just released and so I want to upgrade, obviously.

Now, I don’t have the greatest internet, so upgrading is always a take-over-the-internet-for-the-night type dealios, and is a huge hassle what with making sure the computer isn’t falling asleep or dying because I forgot to plug it in or getting disconnected from the internet. All of these break an upgrade real fast.

So, I loved the functionality of being able to download the ISO, stick it on a USB stick/CD and upgrade that way. However, it looks like Canonical has removed that functionality from the ISO. Ouch.

I’m really bummed out by this, as it means I have to hassle about with sleep times and power and internet speeds/connections, which I really would rather not. I plan on doing some research to see if this functionality is actually entirely removed, as stated on the Trusty Tahr Release Notes:

Offline upgrade options via alternate CDs are no longer offered for Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server. Please ensure you have network connectivity to one of the official mirrors or to a locally accessible mirror and follow the instructions above.

It sure looks as if it has been removed entirely. If you ask me, this is a bad move Canonical. Bad move.

I’ll still stick with Ubuntu, but I really don’t like this choice.

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