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The Racist, Sexist, Misogynistic, Islamophobic America

For all the liberal talk of Trump winning because America is a bunch of racist, sexist, misogynistic people, I don’t think that’s why he won. He won because people are tired of the corrupt, spineless government we have on both sides and they didn’t want another corrupt, self-serving “leader”.

Hillary and her family and platform have proven time and again they cannot be trusted and have little to no regard for law. From her attempts at covering up her husbands scandals, to the lack of regard for American lives in Benghazi, to her lack of regard for the law in what many would see as an obviously massive security issue in running her own private server while handling top secret governmental information. And let’s not forget the fact that Hillary was basically handed the nomination by the DNC, who had decided prior to the primary they were going to push for her, instead of Bernie.

As for the Republican party, they also have proven time and again that just because someone claims they’re “conservative” doesn’t mean they are going to actually step up and act in accordance with the beliefs of the people who elected them, even when it’s hard. Many of the career Republican career politicians are no better than democrats when it comes to taking a stand on issues like Obamacare, the 2nd amendment, and other major discussion points of late.

This election had a very high voter turnout, and a large chunk of that was the rural population, the working class that the liberals claim they are for. Hillary overlooked them, as usual. Recently, these people felt on the outside of politics and haven’t really liked any of the candidates, career politicians and the like, so they didn’t vote. Trump took on the establishment of two parties and won, while maintaining his position of not taking anything from anyone, someone who the people believe can be the catalyst to make real change happen.

Take West Virginia for example. Almost their entire economy is based around coal, something that the democrats have been pushing to elminate far to fast. I’m not against green energy and climate change, as a Christian I’m called to take care of the earth. However, I don’t think it should come at the expense of jobs and livelihoods. With four more years of liberal leadership, I think those people would have lost their jobs and more very quickly.

Michigan. Where I’m from. We haven’t gone red for a VERY long time. I think the change happened because the auto workers left. Michigan used to be the auto capital of the world, and now Detroit, Ann Arbor, Flint – all these places are falling into disrepair because the jobs left. Higher taxes and environmental requirements (both of which are key points that liberals push for) killed many of those jobs, by the very people who were supposed to be helping. Of course there were other factors at play, but it remains the fact that the democrat-led bailouts did not accomplish all they were supposed to.

All in all, I don’t like where this nation is at. We’ve become heavily split over party lines on everything from whether or not coal should be allowed to whether a guy has the right to use a girl’s locker room. Throw in race issues, the massive looming debt we’ve acquired, and the many enemies we face abroad and at home and you’ve got a royal tempest of grandiose proportions. I’m not going to get into these issues, but it remains the fact that we’re a heavily divided nation that needs a lot of work from both sides to solve our problems. And big government, taxing the rich, and climate change won’t fix that.

To all of the homosexuals, women, and minorities out there – I’d like to apologize for what has been said. Much of it was not good and not right. I’m not condoning what he has said, and I sincerely pray he will not act out against you in the ways he has spoken. God loves you, and although I may not always agree with everything you stand for, I still believe your lives have worth, no matter what some big heads have said.

That said, I don’t think that America is the racist, sexist, islamophobic country that the liberals have painted conservatives as, and I think we have escaped a far worse fate in electing Hillary. We are still one of the best nations in the world when it comes to freedom and equality, and I hope we can come together to heal the many problems we face in unison.


This blog isn’t turning into a political source, this is just me getting my thoughts off my chest in the aftermath of this crazy election cycle and after reading the many posts and tweets and retweets and statuses of people both for and against Trump.


So, two weeks ago, I posted My Weekly Goals where I posted four different things I was going to try to do over the coming week. Obviously, that morphed into two weeks, but whatever.

Here’s my report card from weeks 1 and 2. Spoiler alert, it’s not good.

  •  Minimize wasted time on internet (Youtube, social media checking prior to school being done, etc.)
    • B
    • I would give myself a solid B on this. I had a few days where I slipped up and watched a bunch of rando Youtube videos and got little done with my screen time. But, for the most part, I didn’t spend tons of time reloading Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Exercise each day (Body-weight/Darebee, Ultimate practice)
    • D
    • This … didn’t happen. I exercised Tuesday of two weeks ago, and I think maybe Wednesday or Friday too (had practice on Thursday). And this past week I didn’t, other than Thursday. So, giving myself a D on that one for not a total failure … but mostly.
  • Practice juggling and/or guitar every day
    • F
    • Again, this didn’t happen. I practiced juggling 2-3 times two weeks ago, and maybe once this last week.
  • Get off the computer by 9PM and get to sleep by 10 without using a screen
    • F
    • Out of the fourteen days between this post and last I had maybe 5-6 where I was solidly off of screens by 9PM.

After putting those grades through a calculator, looks like I’m stuck with a D overall. Hopefully I do better this week.

This Week’s Goals:

  • Practice Guitar or Juggling each day – again
  • Exercise each day (the Ultimate season is over, sadpanda, so I need this even more)
  • Don’t spend more than 3 hours on the computer outside of school when family is around
  • Don’t spend more than 30 minutes at a time on the computer without stepping away, stretching, etc.

Let’s do this!

Weekly Goals – Someone is Flunking

My Weekly Goals

Hey, it’s me again. Yup, that guy who wrote some stuff. No big deal.

This is something that a blogger that I like, currentlykelli, does and I figured it might not hurt to give it a go.

Basically, you set 3-5 goals per week each Sunday/Monday to focus on, then you grade yourself as honestly as possible on how you think you did with the previous week’s goals. Obviously, this is my first week trying this, so I can’t grade myself on last week, but here are my goals for this week!

  • Minimize wasted time on internet (Youtube, social media checking prior to school being done, etc.)
  • Exercise each day (Body-weight/Darebee, Ultimate practice)
  • Practice juggling and/or guitar every day
  • Get off the computer by 9PM and get to sleep by 10 without using a screen
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Google and Youtube April Fools Day 2015 Roundup

So, it has struck again. The first of April is upon us yet again and Google, as usual, has a few tricks up their sleeve.

But first, where on earth have I been? Well, yeah. I’ve been really busy with life (school is horrible for having time to write) and I just didn’t have anything terribly interesting to write about.

But, I’m back. Not sure how often I’ll be posting here, but hopefully it will be more often than once every 3 months or whatever it has been. I apologize to anyone who actually reads and enjoys my blog.

Anyways, on to Google April Fools day jokes.

Google April Fools Day Jokes 2015

I’m gonna do this via categories, sorta…

The Nostalgic Award goes to … Google Dial-Up mode!

With Google rolling out Uber-fast internet access to several cities around the country, they figured people would want to be able to slow down for a bit. And, as they say, give more hugs. And, 56k modem sounds man! Right there in your browser! It’s incredible!

It’s also a great way to get your kids off the internet. If they spend all day watching Youtube videos or chatting with friends, just turn on dial-up mode and make them feel the pain you did back in the day. (Granted, back in that day, 56k modems were all the rage. Buuuut….we’ll ignore that point.)

Next up, we’ve got the Party Award goes to … The Keyless Keyboard!

Basically put, it’s a fancy-ified party noise-maker. What makes it fancy you ask? Well, watch the video!

The Cute (or, should I say, Kawaii – かわいい ) Award goes to … Google Panda!

This cute little Asian stuffed animal is all you’ll ever need again. Need to know what it’s going to be like outside today? Just ask Google Panda!

Want a companion who can answer questions when you’re out running? Google Panda is there to help again!

Oh yeah. And it comes in two sizes. The Google Panda 5 and Google Panda 6.

The Gamer Award goes to … Google Maps – Pacman Edition!



If you want to give this one a go (and I’ll warn you, it ain’t easy), then read this post on Bustle on how to get started wasting your day eating dots and avoiding ghosts around your house and workplace. Who knows, maybe one of those ghosts is that boss you really hate!

Now, this one could really give the Dial-Up mode a run for its money in the Nostalgic Award runnings. I really had a hard time deciding. I know! You guys tell me down in the comments what you think. Should this one (Google Maps – Pacman Edition) or Dial-Up mode receive the Nostalgic Award?

General Absurdity Award goes to: Google! Or rather, elgooG!


elgooG - Mozilla Firefox_071

If you go to (yes, that’s right. Just type in in the address bar – it’ll work) this’ll come up. Interesting fact, this is the first that Google has used their top level domain name .google.

It’s a fully-functional version of Google, with everything reversed.

The Social Media Award goes to … Chrome Selfie!

chrome selfie

(Image from Bustle – click the image to read their post)

Now, I don’t actually have a mobile device, nor do I use Chrome, so this one … really doesn’t affect me. But hey, I’m posting about all of elgooG’s exploits today, no discrimination here!

The Futuristic Award goes to … Smartbox by Inbox by Google:

Tired of getting junk mail in real life? Tired of being bombarded by annoying catalogs of junk? Well, no more. With Smartbox by Inbox by Google, you’ll be good to go. It has a motion sensor, so you’ll never have to actually touch your Smartbox by Inbox by Google to get your physical mail, and it’ll even sort it into Smart Folders for you!

Don’t want certain mail? Well, Smartbox by Inbox by Google has you covered. It’ll electrically zap any annoying spammers!

And, apparently, you can have Google Hangouts chats on it too and it runs full Android. So you’re basically getting the world’s bulkiest tablet that also sorts your mail for you.

The Youtube Meme Award goes to … dudududu The Darude Sandstorm button!

Prepare yourselves ladies and gents. For you are about to be …. DARUDELY RICK-ROLLED!

Selection_072Just kidding, I wouldn’t Rick-Roll you. However, this is part of Youtube’s April Fools joke.

If you’ve been on Youtube and read basically any comments within, oh, the last 6 months plus, you’d know what Darude Sandstorm is. If not, you have narrowly escaped with your sanity.

Basically, if you search certain videos (Rick Roll being one of them, Rebecca Black Friday another, I’m sure there’s more) you’ll get that little Did you mean: Darude - Sandstorm by Darude popup-thing.

Youtube wants to make sure you’re nice and sandy.

In stupid infomercial voice But wait! There’s more! If you watch a video, you can play Darude Sandstorm over top of it! That way, you can listen to Darude Sandstorm while listening to Darude Sandstorm!

Just click the little Music note in the bottom-right-hand-corner of any Youtube video, and it will play snippets of Darude Sandstorm for you! You’re welcome.




If I find out about any more April Fools day jokes, I’ll update this post. But that’s all for this post. Thanks for reading guys!

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EmoJS: Programming Javascript in Emoji

EmoJS is a neat little project I recently was told about. Essentially (as you may have gathered from the title) it allows you to write Javascript, in Emoji. That’s right, Emoji Javascript.

The world’s most popular language, now in the world’s most popular language

The Project’s Tagline

The idea is actually quite fun, though not terribly practical. The project is far from a 1.0 release, currently in Alpha on the 0.2.1 release. There are, at the time of writing, twenty-seven (27) different emoji characters that have been: three escape characters, twenty-two single characters, and two multicharacters. However, not all of these can be used; some being reserved for later implementation.

You can currently see two example sets of EmoJS on the github page, though I have a screenshot below, just so I can explain the idea a little better:

emojs examples

EmoJS Examples – MIT EmoJS (

These are some basic examples, just showing off what the project is intended to do. Not terribly practical, but quite fun. They plan on adding an option to try out the language further down the road, but this is still very much in the works.

Yeah, that’s about all there is about this project right now. If you’re a programmer and want to help out, check out the projects page on GitHub. And/or, if you’re curious about the code behind the project, you can check out the project’s repository page on GitHub.

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Just a short announcement regarding this blog. My main computer recently died, just straight-up is dead and isn’t coming back, and so that is going to impede my ability to produce posts.

I’m writing this post from my secondary laptop, so, obviously, I will be able to continue posting some things, but not as many as normal.

This is for several reasons, first of which being, the laptop I’m on now has terrible specs. It has 506MB of RAM, a PowerPC 7447A CPU (1333.33MHz), and a 60GB HDD, which will keep me from doing as much work and research at once. Second of which being that I have no SD card reader, either in the laptop or externally, which will impede my ability to work with the Raspberry Pi or get photographs. Third, I’m using an older version of Lubuntu, the only one that worked on this laptop, which will make it harder for me to provide up-to-date how-tos and tech tips. Finally, it’s because I’m taking Driver’s Ed over the remainder of the month, and that’s going to take a lot of my time.

I know I don’t post the most regularly, and I’m trying to do better about that, but I’m not going to be able to do that for a while. Regular post creation should resume towards the end of November, beginning of December, as that is when I will, hopefully, have been able to purchase a new computer (Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

Blog Announcement – Posts will be decreased for a while.

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Raspberry Pi Today – Raspberry Pi Podcast

I listen to the Ubuntu UK Podcast (which, by the way, is a great little podcast for keeping up with Ubuntu/Linux/FOSS news – clean, fun, and informing) and they mentioned a new Raspberry Pi podcast, Raspberry Pi Today. (That link. Click it. Check out the Podcast, it’s actually good.

raspi today logo

Raspberry Pi Today – Logo

I figured I would check them out, seeing as there wasn’t any other podcast like it at the time, and I have to say it was quite nice! I’ve only listened to the first two at the time of this post, but I’m definitely going to be listening to more. There are currently four episodes, three of which were mass-released on the same day.

The podcast really isn’t that old, having been officially started (or at least episodes released) on June 24th. The 4th, and most recent, episode was released just four days ago, on July 4th (Happy 4th of July y’all!), and they should continue to come out weekly.

From what I heard on the first episode and see in the descriptions, these podcasts are going to be mainly interviews; in the first he interviews Carrie Anne Philbin (aka…Geek Gurl) and in the second he interviews Ben Gray of Phenoptix.

You can visit the official site, Raspi.Today which I linked to above, to download all of the episodes. It’s also serves as his Raspberry Pi/hobby blog. I’ve also linked to all four of the episodes below (in iTunes, SoundCloud, and direct download.)


All podcasts can be accessed on the Podcast page of the site, as well as following the RSS feed.

Subscribe & Download for free:

  1. Adventures in Raspberry Pi:
  2. Screwdrivers & enthusiasm:
  3. AKA Theremin Hero:
  4. HDYourPi:

Check ’em out, and give the support that this needs, it’ll be great to have a well-done Raspberry Pi podcast!

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A while ago my friend put together a video project/parody of a parody called Little Cello Wars, maybe you’ve heard of it? I know it’s nothing viral or anything, but if you want a quick little video to watch, check it out.

The official channel where all of his finished projects go (and a few other Piano Guys videos) is The Piano Guys Fans and his personal channel, which is where effects tests and less professional, more for-fun, videos is Caleb Cook. If any of my readers watch the video and like it, make sure to subscribe and give some thumbs up!


The Piano Guys Fans – Check ’em out!

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Firefox is a great piece of software, no doubt about it. It’s smooth, slick, secure, and respects privacy. It also has a plethora of useful addons, which can be accessed via about:addons.

One thing it is missing, though, is native notifications, like OS X and Windows have.
However, like many other things, there is a workaround, and GNotifier does just that, and it does it well. It also installs without a restart being required! To install the Firefox addon, just click the link above. It’ll take you straight to the Firefox addons link for the addon. Or, alternatively, go to about:addons and search for GNotifier
GNotifier - Native Firefox Notifications for Linux - Image from Web UPD8

GNotifier – Native Firefox Notifications for Linux – Image from Web UPD8

So, next time you are downloading a massive file or a memo from your boss that you need to access as soon as it finishes, you can see it right when it finishes!

One thing you may notice with these tech snippets is that they only show up on the main page, they have no menu. I try to keep 5 items on those menus at a time, to make them worth the space, and as I only have 2 tech snippets so far, I’m holding back until I hit number five.

Ubuntu Tech Snippet #2 – Add Native Notifications for Firefox in Ubuntu

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I was messing about on my computer (learning Java – which, by the way, is something I suggest all up and coming programmers do) and I discovered this little keyboard shortcut. I’m sure it isn’t a hidden feature, but I found it out and it’s not really documented anywhere easily accessible that I have found.

Most people who use the Ubuntu Unity desktop know the Ctrl+Alt+ARROW KEY shortcut to change desktops. However, if you tack on Shift to this key sequence, you will move the currently focused window in that direction on your desktops!

I have a screen recording of it in action, unfortunately I don’t have a YouTube account or the WordPress video upgrade, so, sadly, I can’t post that.

That’s all for now!


PS … About the colored drawing of Mr. T I promised a while ago. Yeah. That didn’t happen. I’m sorry.

I have a bad habit of promising things to this blog I can’t keep, and coloring in sketches digitally has a larger learning curve than I thought it would. I would love to get a Wacom tablet, but for now I have to do it all with a mouse, and that’s quite tedious.

I’m learning, but between coordinating colors, attempting to make it 3D, and doing all of this with just a mouse, it’s taking a lot longer than I expected. Hang on anyone who wants to see it colored, it’s coming.

Ubuntu Tech Snippet #1 – Move windows between desktops via keyboard only

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