Ubuntu 14.10 Wallpapers Contest – Top 20 Favorites

As many of you may know, Ubuntu has a Photography/Artwork contest for the Wallpapers for each new release. 14.10 is the next version released to the Ubuntu world, known as Utopic Unicorn, and the wallpaper contest has just come to a completion. Here are 20 of my Favorites.

If you like any of the below photographs, you can click on the image and it will take you to the Flickr page for that image where you can download full-size copies. Also, make sure to comment down below with which ones you liked and if there any others you have seen elsewhere (DeviantArt or the like!)

#20 – Dots by Small Town Vagabond


#19 – Breakwater by Small Town Vagabond


#18 – IMG_5207 by Laurent Resman


#17 – köln by Diego Lavail


#16 – xgu472hf2 by lariliikala


#15 – Obili – klas by Tomáš Kijas

Obili - klas by tomasino.cz

#14 – The Wheel by Jussi Lind

The Wheel

#13 – Mohn by sigi sagi


#12 – Raindrops by Ian Nelson-Santopietro


#11 – IMG_1053 by Ramsey Harrison


#10 – Wheat, Tree and Sky by Antoine-T

14770019239_cd81696220_oThis photograph’s Flickr short-link wasn’t loading the image correctly, so if you want to download it you can download it from my blog, full-size, by clicking on the image. Alternatively, you can click here to go to the Flickr page.

#9 – Ubuntu_14_10_UtopicUnicorn by Edgar Fraustro


#8 – Inline by Mike Reed


#7 – Reminiscent Rain by Freddie Peña

Reminiscent Rain

#6 – Papillombre (Wallpaper version) by Guewen Baconnier

Papillombre (Wallpaper version)


#4 – Bamboo Mat by life*love

bamboo mat

#3 – Redes de hilo – Juan Pablo Lauriente

Redes de hilo

The following tied for first, I simply couldn’t decide which was better…

#1/2 – Music by Tomáš Kijas

Music...by tomasino.cz

#1/2 – Negative Surface Energy by naggobot

Negative Surface Energy 2560x1600

Hey, you forgot me!

Oh yeah, here are two extra backgrounds. They are a bit more abstract, but still very interesting and worthy!

Low Poly Experiment by Fin Moorhouse

Low Poly Experiment

uu-140813_petite_variante by Pierre Cante



I had a really hard time picking out just 20, especially seeing as there’s over 200 photographs submitted in the Vanilla Ubuntu submissions on Flickr alone. This doesn’t factor in any backgrounds from the Ubuntu GNOME 14.10 contest or from other sources. Hope you guys liked these! Happy Utopic Unicorniness!

Just to be clear, I have no rights to any of these images, i did not capture or create any of them nor do i attempt to take any credit for doing so. All credit goes to the listed artist/photographer on the linked-to flickr page.
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