Just a short announcement regarding this blog. My main computer recently died, just straight-up is dead and isn’t coming back, and so that is going to impede my ability to produce posts.

I’m writing this post from my secondary laptop, so, obviously, I will be able to continue posting some things, but not as many as normal.

This is for several reasons, first of which being, the laptop I’m on now has terrible specs. It has 506MB of RAM, a PowerPC 7447A CPU (1333.33MHz), and a 60GB HDD, which will keep me from doing as much work and research at once. Second of which being that I have no SD card reader, either in the laptop or externally, which will impede my ability to work with the Raspberry Pi or get photographs. Third, I’m using an older version of Lubuntu, the only one that worked on this laptop, which will make it harder for me to provide up-to-date how-tos and tech tips. Finally, it’s because I’m taking Driver’s Ed over the remainder of the month, and that’s going to take a lot of my time.

I know I don’t post the most regularly, and I’m trying to do better about that, but I’m not going to be able to do that for a while. Regular post creation should resume towards the end of November, beginning of December, as that is when I will, hopefully, have been able to purchase a new computer (Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

Blog Announcement – Posts will be decreased for a while.

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