Device Review – Sony MDR-EX37B Earbud Style Headphones

First off, this isn’t something I’ve ever done before here; a product review. I’ve not done very many actual reviews in my life. I’ve left comments on products and helped my mom review a product back when I was about eight or nine (which, by the way, is how I got started Programming!) but I’ve never really done a full-on review. I’m also definitely not an audiophile. I listen to music and if it sounds good, I’m happy. Leave a comment below with what you think, along with what earbuds you use (if any).

I recently got a new pair of earbuds, my old ones broke, and so I figured I might as well get a good pair. Thus, I went a-googling, looking for good quality, but still cheap (sub $20 was what I was hoping for) and came across the Sony MDR-EX47 earbuds.

sony mdr-ex47B earbuds

Sony MDR-EX37B Earbud Style Headphones – Image from

They were around $10, so a good price, looked different, and they were well reviewed (4 stars average out of 203 reviews.)


Nice Turquoise Blue – Currently with the Medium earbuds – Image by Nate

When they arrived I opened up the case and found the wires and driver units (obviously) as well as three pairs of the silicon earbuds that are interchangeable and sit on the 9mm driver units. I originally increased the size of the earbuds, but that deadened/muted the sound too much for my liking, so I changed back to the medium size.

These earbuds are good on the mid-ranges and bass, but treble is definitely an area that it could stand to improve in. They are listed as having “Enhanced performance delivers full sound with deep bass” which is very much true. If you like bass, these are good earbuds to get, as they deliver plenty of bass for their size and price. Try listening to Bassnectar – Heads Up remixed by The Glitch Mob to hear how these handle bass. The bass can overpower the treble a bit, but conversely, if the song has lots of treble or very high treble (like clapping or loud cymbals) it is a bit too much, the treble sounding washed-out almost. Try listening to Owl City songs to see what I mean about the treble, they tend to have lots of it.

Basically, this is a good pair of earbuds for those who like bass-heavy music like Dubstep and Rap and can be used for other types of music, so long as there isn’t too much treble.

Don’t forget to comment below with what you thought of my review and what earbuds you use!

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  1. bookmarked!!, I really like your blog!

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