Raspberry Pi Compute Module dev kits now available for sale!

A while ago the Raspberry Pi foundation announced a new product, the Raspberry Pi Compute Module. Essentially, it’s the Pi’s core (CPU/GPU/RAM) as well as a 4Gbyte eMMC Flash device (serves as the SD card would on a regular Pi,) on a board the size of a RAM chip (67.6x30mm board – standard DDR2 SODIMM connector – same as for laptop RAM.) The Compute Module was, quote Official Raspberry Pi Blog:

The Compute Module is primarily designed for those who are going to create their own PCB

In that same post the foundation announced they were working on a development kit, also known as the IO board (shorthand, the CMIO) that you can plug the CM (Compute Module) into to develop on and experiment on the CM before going to the expense of fabricating a full PCB.

That post was back at the beginning of April (the 7th to be exact) and now, as of June 23rd, the CMIO (Compute Module IO board) is available for sale from RS and Element14 in the form of a dev kit. The kit, which goes for MRP $200, comes with the IO board (obviously), a Compute Module, adapters to convert the CMIO board camera and display interfaces to connect to the Raspberry Pi Camera (and the display, which is hopefully coming later this year,) as well as a 5V power supply and a micro USB cable for flashing the eMMC from a host PC.

cmio dev board

Compute Module Development Boards Development Kit – Also includes 5V power supply & MicroUSB cable – those aren’t shown

As of the official release post the only operating system that is “Compute Module Aware” is the latest version of Raspbian (as of 6/20/2014.) You’ll have to grab that and flash it onto the Compute Module. Work is being done to make the other OSes usable. Right now using NOOBS or any of the others will probably not work, but YMMV.

The foundation is working on the software stack to make developing easier on the Compute Module. There is a new system in the works to make remapping the GPIO pins, which have closed source code, much easier. Also in the works is the ability to use dual cameras. Basically put by the foundation, early adopters – if it works on a Pi now, it will work on the CMIO board. Dual cameras or screens or any other interfaces that don’t work on the Pi almost definitely aren’t working on the CMIO board either or will be far more tricky to do than they will be.

To get started with your Compute Module Development Kit you can head on over to the official Raspberry Pi Compute Module documentation. Also, the foundation says to feel free to post questions on the forum.


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One thought on “Raspberry Pi Compute Module dev kits now available for sale!

  1. Michael says:

    There is already project based on this module called ‘Modberry 500’

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