Ubuntu Desktop Next (featuring Unity 8) 14.10 ISO available for download

A while ago it was decided by the Ubuntu community that there was going to be a separate Ubuntu 14.10 Utopic Unicorn ISO featuring Unity 8 running on the next gen Mir display server, including the new core apps.

The goal is to ramp up the quality of the unity8 desktop, without destabilizing our current environmenent. For that we are going to keep an unity7 image and add a new one for unity8 on the desktop, that new iso should become the default one by 16.04.

Unity 8 is the next generation of Unity, following the current Unity 7 release (which 14.04 shipped with,) and will be only on the new testing Ubuntu Desktop Next ISO. It is obviously a work of progress, and is not meant for a production machine. The daily build ISO was first placed up for downloading on June 10th from Ubuntu.com.

This is not stable software, and should not be considered for a production machine, as it has many features missing and plenty of bugs to be worked out. It still currently uses Xorg (the current, 30 year old, display server, and needed for the LightDM greeter and Ubiquity) and the list of packages that the ISO uses is marked as a work in progress, meaning the default software will most likely end up changing quite often.

Just glancing at the Building an unity8 desktop image launchpad blueprint there are plenty of things still in the works:

  • [seb128] define a list of packages to include on the iso: INPROGRESS
  • [mterry] Make unity8-greeter usable on Desktop: TODO
  • look at feature gaps in the greeter and things we need to implement: TODO
  • talk to QA team about ISO testing (live image/installer): TODO
  • set up testing for the new image: TODO
  • define the tests to run on the image: TODO
  • get the test results added to the dashboard: TODO
  • [xnox] get the installer working at least in only-ubiquity (installer only) mode, installing from the live session is a wishlist item for this cycle: TODO
  • look at pre-installing clicks on the ISO: TODO
  • [seb128] write a wikpage about the iso/how to test/where to report issues/known issues/etc: TODO

If you’re really interested in this project and would like more details, check out the Unity8 Desktop Preview Image UDS Session (Google Hangout video chat between server developers.)

I linked to the download before, but just in case you missed it, here is the a link to the download page for the Ubuntu Desktop Next 14.10 ISO.

(the username is ubuntu-desktop-next, and the password is blank, meaning you simply press the enter key)

I have not tried out the ISO yet, but I hope to soon. I will add a new post with what I have seen if I get around to testing it out.
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