I was messing about on my computer (learning Java – which, by the way, is something I suggest all up and coming programmers do) and I discovered this little keyboard shortcut. I’m sure it isn’t a hidden feature, but I found it out and it’s not really documented anywhere easily accessible that I have found.

Most people who use the Ubuntu Unity desktop know the Ctrl+Alt+ARROW KEY shortcut to change desktops. However, if you tack on Shift to this key sequence, you will move the currently focused window in that direction on your desktops!

I have a screen recording of it in action, unfortunately I don’t have a YouTube account or the WordPress video upgrade, so, sadly, I can’t post that.

That’s all for now!


PS … About the colored drawing of Mr. T I promised a while ago. Yeah. That didn’t happen. I’m sorry.

I have a bad habit of promising things to this blog I can’t keep, and coloring in sketches digitally has a larger learning curve than I thought it would. I would love to get a Wacom tablet, but for now I have to do it all with a mouse, and that’s quite tedious.

I’m learning, but between coordinating colors, attempting to make it 3D, and doing all of this with just a mouse, it’s taking a lot longer than I expected. Hang on anyone who wants to see it colored, it’s coming.

Ubuntu Tech Snippet #1 – Move windows between desktops via keyboard only

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