China Bans Windows 8 from Government Systems

Rejoice (or laugh, or just read on indifferently) Windows dislikers, as well as Linux fans. Windows 8 has been banned from the Chinese government. You can read the official post regarding this on Xinhuanet, China’s official news bureau, explaining why they decided to do so.

Windows 8 has yet to really gain a foothold in the country anyways, with still more than 50% still using Windows XP, besides being 13 years old and recently becoming officially End of Support.

The official reason that the software is being excluded is that the government is attempting to “ensure computer security”, in response to Microsoft’s killing of updates for XP. From the Xinhua report the Chinese government …

moved to avoid the awkwardness of being confronted with a similar situation again in future if it continues to purchase computers with [a] foreign OS

China’s Central Government Procurement Center issued this edict as part of one regarding energy-saving products, although it isn’t quite clear how the Windows 8 ban has to do with energy efficiency.

Ubuntu Kylin For The Win?

Ubuntu Kylin is a version of Ubuntu developed specially for use in China, described as being loosely based on Kylin OS. It has a few more built-in features than default Ubuntu, mainly having to do with language and locale-specific software and addons.Already popular, the eminent un-patched vulnerabilities in Windows XP should hopefully play in Ubuntu Kylin favor.

Another thing that could complement Ubuntu’s hand is that the Kylin project has announced a partnership with major OEM HP to ship Ubuntu Kylin pre-installed on laptops across the nation.

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