Brackets for Ubuntu PPA

Brackets is a Cross-platform (installable on Linux, Mac, and Windows) Open Source Web IDE, meaning it is focused on HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as built on them.

Brackets IDE

Brackets running on Ubuntu 14.04

It was originally created by Adobe, but is now community-developed, and it is an insanely well-done job. A slick, intuitive interface combines with good core mechanics, along with a raft of features, like over 100 extensions accessible right from within a built-in Extension Manager, live-preview which allows you to see the changes you make right away – no reloading the page any more, quick-edit that allows you to edit the CSS for the current tag without changing files, and more. Here’s a video, albeit a bit outdated, that provides a basic introduction to Brackets and its features:

Released in August of 2013, the version of this software for Linux has been on-par with its class-mates on Windows and Mac, though it does still have a few minor quirks, like the fact that it takes its own theme, instead of inheriting the system’s. There is also a bug where you have to click Close twice to get it to exit.

While this software is insanely great, I use it for all my web-development now, it is a bit of a pain to keep updated, as it lacks an auto-updater. Thus, every time there is a new version (which happens fairly often, usually ever 2 1/2 weeks or so,) you have to go and manually download the new version, and update it from that.

However, this is no longer the case. Web UPD8’s Andrew (or rather, Alin Andrei) has created a PPA that allows you to install and update Brackets natively in Ubuntu, like most other software. To get this PPA added and install Brackets this way, simply run the following:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/brackets
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install brackets

However, if you like the sound of this software and want to try it out for yourself, but don’t want to use this PPA OR don’t use Ubuntu, then the downloads can be found here.

And, for any of my readers who use Arch Linux, Arch Linux users can install Brackets via AUR: stable | git.

Leave a comment down below with what your favorite web editor/IDE is, or any experiences you’ve had with Brackets!

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7 thoughts on “Brackets for Ubuntu PPA

  1. hgind says:

    I use aptana studio.

  2. Jake says:

    Cool, thanks for this, I’ve been looking for an easy-to-use cross-platform open source text editor for a while. Atom looks interesting but there’s no Linux PPA AFAIK. Sublime is nice but not open source. And Vim, well, you know… 😉

    • Nate says:

      Your welcome! Brackets is a great editor and the fact that it’s open source just makes it better! As for the fact that Atom doesn’t have a PPA yet, I’m pretty sure WebUPD8 maintains one. Obviously, it’s not an official PPA, but you can read about it here. It was just becoming relatively stable when my system conked out 😦 It does look very interesting and I hope to try it out some day, as it looks like it might be a more rounded editor – Brackets being more focused on Web development. As for Vim, well, yeah 😉 Thanks for the feedback!

      • Jake says:

        That’s really good to know about the Atom PPA, thanks for the link 🙂

      • Nate says:

        Again, you’re welcome! I would definitely do a post about that software and the PPA, but like I said, I don’t have an Ubuntu system anymore 😦

  3. thanks for this, my brackets was sooo buggy and I was like wtf until I realized it had not had an update since install day some months ago, yeesh!

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