Utterly unsurpassed ungulates! Ubuntu 14.10 has been named the Utopic Unicorn! (I just stole that from OMG! Ubuntu’s post. Do I know what it means, no. Does it sound hilarious, yes.)

So, Ubuntu 14.10 is going to be codenamed Utopic Unicorn. Strange, but true, and it came straight from Mark Shuttleworth’s blog. He really seems to want Ubuntu to be a more cutting edge distro, leaving old & well used software behind. This quote basically sums up pretty much his entire post:

Time to purge the ugsome and prune the unusable. We’ve all got our ucky code, and now’s a good time to stand united in favour of the useful over the uncolike and the utile over the uncous. It’s not a time to become unhinged or ultrafidian, just a time for careful review and consideration of business as usual.

…let’s make something amazing. Something unified and upright, something about which we can be universally proud.

If you can’t tell just from this quote, he’s really liking the words that start with U. And, on that note:

Let’s get going on the utopic unicorn.

Yup, 14.10 Utopic Unicorn it is, sayeth the Benevolent Dictator for Life of Ubuntu.

Where does this come from?

Well, Utopic has to do with Utopia, and is used, in this case, to represent the Ubuntu community working together towards one future goal, all in sync. Unicorn, well, just think My Little Pony with a horn in its head. Actually, I really hope that 14.10’s mascot isn’t a My Little Pony. I might just have to switch distros if that happens.

That’s all. Mark’s post was actually four days ago, on April 23rd, so it’s still utterly unexampled Ubuntu Unterlagen (German for information.)

Ubuntu 14.10 – Utopic…Unicorn?

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One thought on “Ubuntu 14.10 – Utopic…Unicorn?

  1. Simon Barth says:

    Best distro name ever

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