Journal for the creation of the Prodigialis Robot – Day 9

General Progress update and a new plan of attack

I have been quite busy between this post and the last and so I haven’t had a chance to write on the progress I’ve made, however small.

What has happened so far is I have ordered two more supersonic sensors and affixed them to the robot. I had to redesign the chassis yet again to accommodate for them, and I’m still not sure that this will be the final base design, let alone the final entire design.

I ordered these new sensors because trying to get the robot to stop, turn ninety degrees, take a measurement, then turn 180 degrees the other way, take a measurement and then turn the robot to the longest direction was much too complicated. This, although it will require another re-write of the code, will lead to a generally easier design.

The wires are getting quite crazy, but if you think about it, that makes sense. I have three sensors with four wires each, that’s 12 separate wires in and of itself. Combine that with four wires per servo, of which I have two, and you have 20 separate wires. Tack on the wires going to and from the battery and the Arduino’s 5V/GND, and it comes to a grand total of 24 separate wires criss-crossing this design. Wowzerz. It does look cool, but tracing wires is becoming quite a task.

I am currently mounting the battery pack underneath the chassis, though I don’t think that is the best location for it, as the wires might be jostled out if they hit anything.

Here’s the chassis, as it stands now:

Chassis design 3

As for the code, that will come in the next update, as I still have yet to write it! If anyone is actually reading this, I’m sorry for the incredible monotony and general boringness of this project. It’s not really supposed to be a huge crowd attractor (though that would be nice), it’s a part science-fair project, part learn-Arduino project.

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