Journal for the creation of the Prodigialis Robot – Day 8

Chassis Re-design

This is really about Day 12, I’ve worked here and there a little, just a couple bits and bobs, but nothing really of mention or enough to do a write-up on. They’ve been days when I’ve had a quick idea drop in for a visit, and then don’t work, or, mainly, short continuations of parts of the project I had mentioned previously.

Throughout this project a big problem is the chassis. Cardboard, though okay for a simple, learn-how-to-use-arduino robot, isn’t good enough for a science fair, in my opinion. So, I have decided to switch over to using Legos.

They are great for creativity and it will make it easier to add a body to the robot, once the insidicles are done and the robot is working right. I will try to provide progress pictures, though it may not happen, as I tend to get engrossed in my building and then I have the product, without ever stopping. I got the adhesive I needed and it is working great, so sagging servos shan’t be an issue anymore, which is most assuredly a good thing.

I already broke down the old chassis and have plopped the servos and breadboard onto the new Lego-based chassis base. I again forgot to get pictures at this point, I just get so into the building and then the redesigning that I forget to get pictures. I have a picture of the current product in the next entry.

I’m planning on putting a platform above the Arduino and plopping the battery pack down on top of that. The USB port and the power port will be facing the rear, which I think will make getting debugging info easier to get, as it won’t be interfering with the servos, like it was before. I also have come up with a logo for this project, you can see it below. I created it myself in Inkscape and it was actually very simple.

Prodigialis Robot Logo

You actually saw this before this post when I set it as the featured image for the Prologue post.

I quite like it and will be sticking with the gray version throughout this project. I attempted a colored version, not unlike the Google Chrome logo, but it just wasn’t coming out right.

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