Journal for the creation of the Prodigialis Robot – Day 4

First day back with my PC

So, even though this is day 4 working on the project, it’s really about a week and a half beyond day 3 because my sister’s rabbit chewed through my power cord! It took quite a while to arrive. But today it came.

This is mainly a catch-up post regarding some of the research I have been doing. I am would like to add another servo to each side, to give the robot more power/control, but this may not happen because it would require a good sum of cash for all of the parts necessary.

I am also hoping to add wireless control capabilities using the Raspberry Pi. Because the place where the science fair will be taking place doesn’t have accessible WiFi, I am going to have to create a private network between the Pi and my PC. This isn’t a huge project, or so it appears, just will require some configuration file modding. Then I’m going to write a python script that takes the commands and then passes them on to the Arduino.

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