Firefox 28.0a1 (2013-11-21) released with new UI

So, Mozilla has been planning a new design for Firefox that unifies the app’s look across all devices for a while (I first heard about it in June-ish. You can read about the release here: The Next Web and for techy-nerds the official wiki post: Mozilla Firefox Wiki.)

Firefox Australis running in Ubuntu 13.04

Now, it is out on Firefox Nightly and you can download it for all platforms via Firefox Nightly builds ( This is great, except that if you want to keep a stable firefox running at the same time it might require some tweaking. (No. Not twerking. VERY different.)

Ubuntu actually makes this rather easy with a PPA that allows you to install Firefox Nightly right alongside with a stable version. You can read the WebUPD8 post here that tells you how to install the testing Firefox version alongside.

Firefox Australis has a ton of cool new features. The Mozilla blog has an official write-up here along with a video of the features. You can see a comparison picture of the taskbar here: Firefox comparison

One of the comments on the blog asks

I would like to hear about Australis’ impact on speed and memory consumption.

From what I’ve seen on my rather old computer (7 yrs. old) with the 1GB of RAM is that it does about the same as Firefox 25.0 and Chromium 30.x with several tabs open (6+ along with a Youtube video playing) if not better.

Australis is focused on simplicity and the status bar is quite nice. One of the big changes is in the look of the tabs and the fact that the Firefox button is gone. It has been replaced by a button that looks similar to the Chrome settings button, but once you click on it the menu that pops up is quite innovative really.

While this program is mostly stable for most basic web browsing (have yet to crash it once) it is still a Nightly (testing) build, so don’t download this and replace your stable Firefox version with it because it may have some bugs that need to be ironed out. However, if you’re like me and would love to try out new software, go ahead and download this and give it a whirl!

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